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Girl Who Aged Too Quickly Inspired Top Doc’s Quest

June 29th, 2011 by Abby Hitchcock |

(CNN) — Her name was Meg, 23, featherweight and feisty. Standing 3 feet tall, Meg didn’t look like her peers. Bald and skinny, her body was aging rapidly because she had a rare genetic disease called Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome. People with progeria wrinkle and develop the same circulation and joint ailments as the elderly — [...]

End of life: Up to 65 per cent of terminally-ill patients say they would like to die at home but currently only 20 per cent do (model photo) Nearly 100,000 people are not having their end-of-life care needs met, a funding review for the Government has found. It also found huge inequalities in the provision [...]

  OTTAWA — An Ottawa man who travelled to Poland more than a year ago for a controversial multiple sclerosis treatment says Wednesday’s announcement that Canada will fund clinical trials of the procedure doesn’t go far enough. Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said the government will begin funding the vein-widening procedure developed by Italian neurologist Dr. [...]

By James (Tom) Heywood, MD, Scripps Health What does it mean when the heart fails? While its name might suggest otherwise, congestive heart failure doesn’t mean the heart has stopped working; instead, it fails to effectively pump enough blood to the body’s organs or to fill without an abnormal increase in pressure. Commonly known as [...]

No Mystery: The Obama administration halted plans to have mystery shoppers posing as patients cold-call doctors offices to see how difficult it was to get appointments, the New York Times reports. The White House had said it wanted to measure access to primary-care doctors before the health-care overhaul adds more than 30 million people to [...]