5 Disgustingly Bad Foods We Love

You’re home alone. The urge strikes. You head to the secret stash in the closet. Even though you know nobody’s home, you look over both shoulders, twice.

Your heart rate quickens. You know what you’re doing is wrong, but you rationalize: “One more indulgence is all, and then I’ll get rid of it. I’ll never buy it again.”

You creep into the closet, move the pile of clothes, lift the floor board, and there it is, beckoning you forth. Nobody’s going to find out. It’s just you and the secret stash. A half-hour later, you’re sprawled out on the bed, half conscious, realizing this won’t be the last time, regardless of what you tell yourself.

You know what you did was repulsive, but you just can’t stop eating these five disgusting foods we love!

Disgusting Food No. 5: A Pastry That Never Gets Old … Literally >>

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