Searching for a Better Alternative to Smoking

The habit of smoking is one that has been plaguing people of all ages, from all different ethnic groups and walks of life for literally centuries. However, it has not been until the last several decades that people have come to find out what the perils of smoking really are. In fact, just 30 years ago people were still able to smoke in hospital rooms! Some time between the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s a major movement was born and this was called the clean air act. With this came an influx of smoking bans across the nation. People everywhere were beginning to restrict smoking in the work place and in the retail and restaurant industry. Today, not only is it illegal to smoke cigarettes in a public building but now you cannot even smoke on the grounds of a public building in some cases.

This has left the handful of smokers who remain, searching for a new and better alternative to smoking cigarettes. While not everyone can afford to go to a doctor and get a quit smoking drug prescribed, most people can find the small amount of money it costs to buy the cheapest electronic cigarette. An electronic cigarette allows a smoker to go through the same motions involved with smoking but without the hazardous side effects. Essentially these cigarettes work by releasing a vapor that mimics smoke, making the experience fee just like smoking and still delivering a dose of nicotine. These electronic cigarettes are perfect for someone who works long hours in a place where getting outside for a cigarette is next to impossible. They are truly a much safer and certainly a less offensive alternative to smoking standard cigarettes. Not to mention that they are legal to use anywhere, in any environment.

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