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Are you trans? Gender non-conforming? Genderqueer? We need your help!
Fighter Training: Progression Sets
EMR Software and the Benefits of Having One
Inside Your Brain on Holiday
How to promote baby development with massage
Important information to consider when you choose phlebotomy classes
Immunologic and virologic failure after first-line NNRTI-based antiretroviral therapy in Thai HIV-infected children
ONC’s Regional Extension Centers Sign Up 100,000 Primary Care Providers
Giving Thanks and Eating Well
U.S. Man Diagnosed With HIV Develops Leprosy news
Alzheimer’s Disease: Genetic or Environmental?
Wheatgrass Juice Research
Why Switch to an Electronic Cigarette?
Math Brain Teaser: Unfinished Thesis
IL-ASAP is Looking for New Members!
Marriage Problems for Parents, Sleep Problems for Baby
How to Have Consistency in Your Training
In Three-Continent Effort, Duke Works to Uncover Genetic Basis for Epilepsy
Alumni Giving: Do Colleges Push Too Hard and Too Often?
Little Tikes Recall of Toy Workshop and Tool Sets
Strength is the Product of Struggle
Top Brands for Personal Health Care
How to Choose the right therapy for autism, ADHD,Down Syndrome and more
Reverse Transcriptase drug resistance mutations in HIV-1 Subtype C infected patients on ART in Karonga District, Malawi
The Benefits of Puppy Love
Stop Transmitting Silence!
Coping With Modern Evolutions in Dating
Red Beet Juice Power
Join Query Health in Developing National Standards for Population Queries
CDC Moves to Make Organ Transplantation Safer news
What to Do With Addiction
Aerobic Exercise Bests Resistance Training at Burning Belly Fat
Do You Talk to Your Doctor About Sleep?
Study: What comes first, Obesity or Cognitive Fitness Challenges
The Perfect Man Diet (2 Huge Myths Taken Down)
Could Political Rancor Trickle Down?
Reining in health claims about the goji berry
Gov’t reconsidering ban on gay men blood donation
U.S. Will Pay For Half Of All Health Care Costs By 2020
Steve Hilton: Axe maternity leave to boost the economy, says Cameron guru
Flu “super antibody” may bring universal shot closer
U.S. Minorities No Strangers to Health Ills
5 Disgustingly Bad Foods We Love
Can riding thrill rides cure what ails you? Well, sort of
McDonald’s Happy Meals get apples, fewer fries
Former Padres Pitchers Tip Their Caps to Scripps Doctors
McDonald’s Happy Meals get apples and fewer fries
The Art Of Prosthetic Eye Making
Hot flashes can last up to 10 years, new study claims
HIV monster Nkosinati Mabanda, who infected woman partner, jailed
McDonald’s: Apple slices in every Happy Meal
McDonald’s Plans to Make Happy Meals Nutritionally Happier
El Salvador bans public-area smoking
Epidemic of Obesity in U.S. Kids Began in Late ’90s
Health Blog Video: Mosquitoes and the City
Vitamin-enhanced products skirting Health Canada regulations
Beware the lipo cowboys who peddle sub-standard fat reduction techniques
Return to smoking after heart attack ups death risk
Little evidence dietary, lifestyle changes linked to Alzheimer’s risk: panel
Dr. Drew On Palins: How Close Is Too Close?
Health Highlights: July 20, 2011
Consumer Reports examines alternaive therapies
A.M. Vitals: J&J Latest to See Drug Shortage
5 Easy Memory Aids That Can Help Anyone
AIDS vaccinated monkeys ‘stopped virus in its tracks’: U.S. researcher
Resist temptation with all your (muscle) might
U.S. News & World Report Ranks Scripps Among Nation’s Best for Heart Care
Vegetarian diet ‘helps protect against common bowel disorder’
Special report: With Alzheimer’s in the genes, when do you test?
Health Highlights: July 18, 2011
Study: Lifestyle changes may prevent Alzheimer’s
Wellbeing: How money manipulates our relationships
Making Food-Allergic Kids Feel Included
Why One IOM Committee Member Dissented on Women’s Health Report
Scripps Health Acquires Del Mar Family Practice
Exclusive: GE to soon seek FDA OK for Alzheimer’s imaging agent
Wellbeing: Why we get annoyed, and what you can do about it
AIDS forum down to nitty gritty after breakthrough trials
Movie studios cutting cigarette scenes
Weight loss tips: Why you must ‘love your body’ to lose weight
A.M. Vitals: Alzheimer’s Association Meeting Underway
Less Lighting Up in Movies Aimed at Kids
Facing Chronic Pain Without Drugs
Blackwell on Health: Fighting malaria with smelly feet
Millions at risk of cholera in Ethiopia: WHO
Offering Protection from Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Blindness fear as diabetics denied drug by NHS rationing watchdog
7 Things Your Hands Say About Your Health
Panel hears debate on coverage for autism treatments
Vitamin C from food tied to lower cataract risk
Google on the Brain: How the Internet Has Changed What We Remember
Study: High schoolers drink milk more than soda
Chain restaurants will make kids menus healthier
Health Highlights: July 12, 2011
Heat Hurts Your Insides Too
Shake-up maternity services ‘to allow more women to give birth at home’
A.M. Vitals: Government Issues Rules on State Insurance Exchanges
Why business travel may be hazardous to your health
Pass the spinach? Hardly, if it’s lean muscle you’re after
Scripps’ Electronic Knee Research to Receive National Honors
Heart patients get stem cells boost: Angina attacks ¿cut by half¿
Are You Giving Your Doctor A Headache?
Pfizer Looks to Lose Animal-Health and Nutrition
Many physicians now endorsing IUD implant
Go for fish to prevent heart attack
Mississippi most obese state, Colorado least
Talking to Teens May Help Them Cut Back on Pot Smoking
Scripps Receives NIH Grant to Research Root Cause of Heart Attack
Vet uses fertility technology to help animals conceive
Why People Enjoy Electronic Cigarettes
Groundbreaking test may help personalize cancer treatment regimen
Controversial organs help boost transplant total
Two thirds of Britons never wear sun cream because they think the clouds will protect them
Safety Experts Warn of Fireworks Dangers
Do You Really Need a Blood Transfusion?
Symptoms and Consequences of Sports-Related Concussions
Study finds big pharmacies miss drug warnings
Beware the bulge of buying in bulk
Dr. David Judson Sencer, 86: Guided CDC for more than 10 years
The Drawbacks Of Private Health Insurance
A.M. Vitals: FDA Panel Recommends Pulling Avastin’s Breast-Cancer Approval
Summer 2011 Health and Wellness Classes
Researchers hope to get best chemotherapy cocktail for pancreatic cancer
Milking of the health service: NHS pays £200k bill for Nigerian health tourist’s five babies and provides free IVF for single mother, 39
Late talkers do fine as they grow up: study
A.M. Vitals: Medicare Will Pay for Dendreon’s Provenge
Health expo scheduled for May 25
E.coli Infection Kills Woman In France
Cotton Swabs Help Prevent Surgical Site Infections: Study
Cell phones could increase cancer risk: WHO
Fight heats up in Calif. to regulate health care premiums
Girl Who Aged Too Quickly Inspired Top Doc’s Quest
Palliative care: 100k terminally-ill patients denied proper end-of-life treatment
Funding ‘liberation’ treatment trials not enough, says Canadian MS patient
Living with Congestive Heart Failure
A.M. Vitals: White House Halts ‘Mystery Shopper’ Plan
CAU to host symposium on prostate cancer
Health Highlights: June 28, 2011
Europe’s E. coli outbreaks linked to Egyptian seeds
FDA panel: Revoke Avastin’s breast cancer approval
Drug Addiction Usually Starts Before 18
Ottawa announces MS clinical trials
Bodychecking in youth hockey: When is it safe to allow?
Teenage binge-drinkers at risk of brain damage as scans reveal it thins area used for concentration
Study says TV causes sleep problems in kids
More Autism Diagnoses in High-Tech Areas, Study Finds
Benefit of mammograms even greater than thought
Hot Tips for a Cool Summer
Video Game Violence: What the Science Shows
What You Should Know About Assisted Living
When the treatment makes patients sick
Sitting For Hours Can Shave Years Off Life
Banning “light” on cigarette packs does little
Researchers look at triple negative breast cancer
Diabetes patients didn’t need tablets after 2-month low-calorie diet
Canadian soldiers have lower death rate than general public: study
Want to Prevent Obesity in the Littlest Kids? Breastfeed!
Wal-Mart hikes branded diabetes drug prices-study
Does Life Online Give You ‘Popcorn Brain’?
FDA Unveils Graphic Images for Cigarette Packs
Are smartphones creating tech addicts?
Sunbed fanatic mother-of-three dies from skin cancer after body riddled with 19 tumours
Scripps Health Breaks Ground on Scripps Cardiovascular Institute
U.S. releases graphic tobacco warning labels
FDA issues new graphic cigarette warning labels
Apples top group’s most contaminated list
A.M. Vitals: Health Law’s Insurance Waiver Program to End in September
Cranial osteopathy: Soothing away your baby’s colicy cries
Cell phones could increase cancer risk: WHO
Does the Plate Give Better Dietary Advice Than the Pyramid?
E.coli outbreak: British families told to wash salads as 7 struck by new killer strain
Emory-created AIDS map pinpoints disease
Officials urging Emory patients exposed to TB to get tested
How a brisk walk could hold prostate cancer back
Reader Consult: Should Pharma Advertise New Drugs to Consumers?
CAU to host symposium on prostate cancer
Controversial organs help boost transplant total
Middle-aged and worried about having a heart attack? A jogging test could reveal your risk
A.M. Vitals: ASCO Abstract Dump Includes Data From AstraZeneca, Exelixis
AIDS vaccinated monkeys ‘stopped virus in its tracks’: U.S. researcher
Former ‘Biggest Loser’ contestant climbing for a cause
Reports Show Strain of Health Costs
Forget Atkins… carbs could help you LOSE weight
Hot flashes can last up to 10 years, new study claims
First U.S. Full-Face Transplant Patient Heading Home to Texas
‘Stink bomb’ gas that can help your love life take off
Reining in health claims about the goji berry
Study Finds No Link Between XMRV and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Weightloss: From cinnamon to seaweed, the foods that naturally curb your appetite and help you shed pounds
Yoga minus all that pesky effort
Partnership aims to improve patient safety
Appeals Court Says Embryonic Stem-Cell Research Can Proceed
MRSA bug’s resistance to antibiotics is cracked by scientists
Georgia launching review of foster kids’ psych drugs
Are ‘Patients’ the Same as ‘Consumers’?
Parents in Rhyl demand action to combat head lice in schools
Children’s health featured at Emory forum
My new hand will help me take care of my daughter, says transplant mother
What Drug Did Doctors Prescribe Most Last Year?
Kaiser Permanente opening office downtown
Family of four lose 44st after taxpayers pay for their gastric bypass surgery
Athenahealth’s Bush on the Electronic Medical Record ‘Burn Unit’
Kathleen “Kathy” Ryan, 47: Always optimistic in face of cancer
Don’t Talk to Me About Financials, Says Novartis R&D Head
Fast food twice as bad for you with coffee: study
ACOs’ Quality Measures Raise Bar
Mother’s diary of her brave bid to avert cancer is an internet sensation
Deal: New health care law costing state, employees millions
DR ELLIE CANNON: A million Britons have an eating disorder – how are they treated?
R&D can pay, Bristol-Myers CEO says
Food Addiction: Treatments range from abstinence to mindful eating
Cobb residents needed for cancer study
Guillain-Barre Syndrome: Teenager paralysed by rare immune disorder makes amazing recovery
Kids Should Ride in Rear-Facing Car Seats Until Age 2: Pediatricians
Grady to close clinics, increase prescription drug copays
Almost 5% of Americans Report Falling Asleep at the Wheel
Pork Board Swaps ‘White Meat’ For ‘Be Inspired’
Presciption charges to rise from £7.20 to £7.40 in England – but Scotland get medicines for free
Spring slacking: How to keep fit, beyond New Year’s
Can Living With Dogs or Cats Prevent Asthma in Kids?
Baylor students’ Lady Gaga parody racks up more than 2 million views on YouTube
J&J Recall Watch: Simponi Injection Pens Pulled in U.S. and Germany
Alzheimer’s research shows alcohol can delay dementia
Grady Memorial Hospital to cut 100 jobs
Obama’s 2012 Budget: Health Care
Doctors decry crackdown on drugs
Genomics Won’t Lead to Big Health-Care Improvements ‘For Many Years’
Do we need goggles and helmets for soccer?
Eating too much cheese could increase your risk of bladder cancer
Some health centers, clinics closed on frigid Friday; others open
HHS Now Has Its Own Most-Wanted List — For Health-Care Fraud
Weight-loss success story: John Attaway of Sandy Springs loses 105 pounds
Go tea-total! You’ll be less likely to have a brain tumour or a stroke and better able to fight infection
Hello Doctor! (Can I Call You M.D.?)
Doctors are failing the empathy test: study
Gingrich: Country in danger of health dictatorship
Mother gives birth in toilet bowl as midwives ‘ignore calls for help’
Toddlers With Low Self-Control Face Problems in Adulthood
How medical evidence is often ignored
How to Choose a Qualified Orthopedic Surgeon
Will Medical Technology Innovation Shift to Emerging Markets?
Orchestral musicians face unhealthy sound levels: study
Benefits of Electronic Medical Records
A pitch for unclogged arteries, human and maritime
Most Health-Advocacy Groups Don’t Disclose Drug Maker’s Grants: Study
Forget workplace stress, it’s the pressure of running a household that makes your blood pressure soar
Cardiac risk of smog underplayed: study
Busy hospital sealed off by swine flu as 22 patients battle virus in intensive care
A.M. Vitals: EPA Recommends Schools Replace Lights to Avoid PCBs
Supreme Court keeps fertility donor payments in feds’ hands
Drug shortage a ‘wake-up call,’ pharmacists say
Insurers Likely to Face New Reviews
ABC News hidden cameras follow Chronicle reports on Houston pill mills
Presidential Advisory Panel Takes ‘Middle Course’ on Synthetic Biology
Eating lunch at your office desk computer makes you hungrier later
Airport dining options get healthier
CDC: Half of Doctors Are Using Electronic Medical Records to Some Extent
Searching for a Better Alternative to Smoking
Cycling just five hours a week could damage a man’s fertility
Meditation as good as drugs for depression: study
XMRV: Red Cross Now Barring Blood Donors Who Have CFS
On the ground in Haiti: Searching for the resources to fight cholera
Epilepsy Drug in Pregnancy Raises Spina Bifida Risk
How to beat winter cold season
Older, poorer and female? You’re less likely to be referred to a specialist by your GP
The Best Treatment for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer? Depends on the Patient.
Food and mood: Making the connection
Texas Medical Board sanctions Houston OB/GYN
A.M. Vitals: FDA Extends Merck KGaA’s Cladribine Review
Compound that may harm infant development to be banned from baby bottles in EU
The benefits of critical illness insurance in stressful time
Vaccine study questions whether adults spread whooping cough
Probe Finds Lead In Reusable Publix Bags
Traumatic first births fuel rise in mothers opting for Caesarean second time
A Look Down the Road at Medicare Cuts
More on LGBTQ bullying
Nutrition professor loses 2 stone on doughnuts, cakes and crisps diet
The Unintended Consequences of Generics
AARP Raises Insurance Costs for Employees
Divorce gave me diabetes: Crime writer Peter James reveals a distressing side-effect of his break-up
Online Medical Image Storage: Ease of Deployment
Doctors: Not All Hormone Therapies Created Equal
Taxi Driver Memoriam adds pair from Houston
Ga. in stem cell focus
Texas Heart Institute says no thanks to PETA’s “sexy” offer
Why retirement can be bad for you… or at least your memory
Most U.S. doctors plan to have flu shot, survey finds
Why was a drug-abusing schizophrenic left free to kill my son? And why will no one take the blame?
Are Public-Private Partnerships the Way to Cut Dietary Sodium?
U.S. longevity rates rising more slowly than Canada, others
Hasta La Vista, Meridia: Another Diet Drug Bites the Dust
Vaccine boosts survival in brain cancer patients
HHS Beefs Up With Private Plan Data, Denial Rates
Personality disorders raise risk of ulcers afraid
As law sets in, check insurance changes
Concussions: Youth football begins prevention work
Ongoing Coverage of J&J’s Appearance Before House Oversight Committee
Boy, 3, whose life has been saved 500 times still has a smile on his face
Health reform provisions may lead you to coverage
One Theory Behind Adult-Onset Celiac Disease: Gut Bacteria
Prescriptions, other medical treatments, often overused: Report
NHS bosses refuse teenager £10,000 operation to protect his brain
Tweaks Coming to ‘Meaningful Use’ Requirements for Electronic Medical Records
10 diagnosed with West Nile in Ga, including 5 in DeKalb
Winnipeg woman cut in half to treat cancer
Vantix: The handheld drugs test for parents to analyse their children’s saliva for cannabis or cocaine use
Safety Week to encourage car seat checks
Would A Fish By Any Other Name Taste As Sweet?
Exercise really does make you clever: Fit children have better memories
Texas biggest winner in federal adoption bonuses
FDA Panel Votes Against Arena’s Weight-Loss Drug Lorcaserin
Campaign encourages schools, students to support local farmers and eat healthy
Scientists working on first test to predict pre-eclampsia in early pregnancy
What Will Happen to Abbott’s Meridia?
20 Houston-area dentists disciplined in the last year
helps weight
Employers Predict Their Health Costs Will Rise 5.9% Next Year
Don’t worry, be happy: Doing a good deed every day can do you the world of good
Three dozen Houston-area physicians disciplined by Texas Medical Board
Jukari: Swing into action with this Cirque du Soleil inspired class
Future care for uninsured dialysis patients in question
Expert Warns Of Swine Flu Complacency
La Dawn H. Hearns of Atlanta loses 211 pounds
Girl, 4, suffers from incurable condition that leaves her allergic to sunlight
Study Suggests Importance of Screening For BRCA Gene Mutations
Slang is common at breast cancer events
Man with ‘Locked-in’ syndrome makes amazing recovery
Report: Pharma Digital Spending Growing — But Slowly
KSU dining goes back to the farm to attack ‘freshman 15′
Walmart deli meat recalled
PNAS Paper on Virus-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Link Has Its Own Story
Union launches legal action in bid to block NHS shake-up
Tech hopes to develop early warning tools, and treatments, for autism
Sign language cuts frustration levels, helps babies communicate
Taking a lunchtime stroll? You could end up with skin cancer warn experts
CDC Says Teen Vaccine Rates Rise, But There’s ‘Room For Improvement’
Ketamine ‘acts like magic drug on depression’
More clarity on Harris County Hospital District’s non-citizen births
Sperm-Donors’ Kids Seek More Rights, Respect
Another Twist in the Chronicles of Avandia!
Natalie Pinkham dons her wetsuit to help out with Britain’s Baywatch
Atlanta matches last year’s bad air days and smog season isn’t over
Breath test may be able to detect common cancers
Success Story /Bob Tabor, 57: From 288 pounds to 198 pounds
JetBlue Incident Shows That in Air Travel, ‘Things Won’t Go As Planned’
DeKalb: No swimming in S. River
Older adults get HIV diagnosis later, die sooner
Follow-Up: Anesthesiologists, Nurse Anesthetists and Evidence